Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cedarshed Boathouse for Tsunami Kids

Bruce Cheng, owner of Cedarshed Industries, received a thank you letter for Cedarshed's support of the the Rainbow Project. 


Thank you very much for your support of the "Rainbow Project". This is organized by IIDA (International Interior Design Association, Japan). The Cedarshed Boathouse will be provided to the "Nursery Aihara" in Ishinomaki-city by the IIDA.

Ishinomaki is the city which recorded the largest number of dead and missing (3,182 & 553 respectively) by the Tsunami in March 2011. Many children's nurseries and kindergartens were damaged by the Tsunami. Some of them, managed by the Government sector, received quick support from public funds, while small private sector managed ones were overlooked.

Almost all the facilities of "Nursery Aihara" were washed away but their presence is critical for the community and kids there. IIDA decided to help Aihara's restoration by providing them the Boathouse.

I will convey your warm-hearted support to Aihara's staff.
Again, thank you very much Bruce-san."


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