Thursday, 8 November 2012

J-Style Garage Exhibits Cedarshed Boathouse at Inazuma Festival

Japan's love affair with Americana is no secret. Hot rods, hamburgers and Harleys hold a special place in Japanese culture. They recently celebrated the 4th Annual Inazuma Festival in Odaiba, Tokyo on November 4th, 2012. Odaiba is an island built on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay. (Geri: I've been there twice and the shopping is spectacular!)


This year's festival welcomed over 40,000 fans and J-Style Garage was on hand to exhibit the Cedarshed Boathouse. This is the second time for JSG to participate in this event. Last year they built the Cedarshed Clubhouse kit.

Bike Garage Kit

This time around the visitor response was even better as visitors could see the Boathouse kit being used for bicycle storage. Cycling related sports are gaining popularity in Japan and J-Style plans on exhibiting the Cedarshed Longhouse in the future, as it also makes great bike storage.

Note the space age building in the background of the picture below. It's the famous Odaiba landmark - the Fuji Television Building. The ball on top of the building weighs a colossal 1,200 tons!

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